Digital Clocks

Timetek provides a variety of digital clock solutions, including standalone clocks, extending existing Master Clock Systems, or creating a new Master Clock System with the addition of a timer controller.

KT160 NNetwork and PoE Clocks

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is ideal for providing synchronised time solutions using existing cable infrastructure.KT160SN Digital Network ClockThe KT160SN Digital Clock provides an accurate and clearly readable ...

KT160Standalone Clocks

Krontek KT160SThe KT160SN Digital Clock provides an accurate and readable time/date display. It can operate standalone or as a slave clock on a Master Clock System. It ...

SL160Syncroline Clocks

Our syncroline products provide synchronised time using low cost Fig 8 cable in a daisy chain configuration. Syncroline is infinitely scaleable, making it ideal for large sites or sites that are ...

KT160T & KT120Theatre Timers with Elapsed Time

Krontek KT160T & KT120The Krontek theatre timer comes in a range of variations, including a single and a double stainless steel fascia. When mounted in a double stainless ...

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