Timetek carries both analogue and digital clocks to meet your needs whatever they may be.  

Our digital time solutions provide; at a glance accuracy, good visibility over varying distances, and the flexibility to adapt to your existing infrastructure.  These systems can handle anything from a single clock connected to 240v mains power through to complex site-wide installations interfacing with your network from a central unit.  Our digital clock systems are the systems of choice across a wide range of industries from health to corporate offices where time matters.

Timetek also carries analogue time solutions provide simplicity in installation and maintenance along with to the second accuracy bundled together in a simple and cost-effective package.  These are not your typical wall-clock.  By daisy chaining these clocks from a central controller, you can get the same level of synchronised accuracy expected from our digital clocks but with a cool analogue clock face.

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Sl300 dark
SL300Analogue Clocks

The SL300 Syncroline Analogue Clock features a large, easy to read dial behind an acrylic lens suitable to the food industry.  The clock is surrounded by an anodised aluminium ...

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